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  • Aryana

    Issues of prejudice still within communities

    Growing up as a female British Indian in a predominantly Caucasian British community, personally was a challenge for me, but these challenges are definitely what has made me who I am today. Being a British Asian, and now fully embracing my culture, I feel strong enough to talk about my fears and the issues I […]
  • Middle Aged Couple Drinking Wine

    New app will split your restaurant bill based on race and gender

    A new app is bringing social consciousness to the dinner table in a big way. We all know the moment: the bill comes, and it’s time to figure out who owes what. A complicated bill split can be unnerving (especially when a person “only had one drink”). But an even split can be sort of flawed when […]
  • Youth Media

    British Film Institute Launches £2.5 million Initiative for New Generation of Diverse Film Producers

    Written By: Tambay A. Obenson  10/3/16 For our readers across the pond who are producers, or want to be producers…an opportunity you may want to take a look. The BFI today announced the launch of its BFI Vision Awards 3 with a commitment of £2.5 million (about $3.5 million) of funding to provide support to what it calls […]
  • rainbow_pencils_by_pinkfirefly

    The UK’s first School Pride Week is happening this year

    Described as “the biggest ever demonstration of support for tolerance, equality and diversity in schools.” Just Like Us, a charity which promotes LGBT understanding in schools, is launching the UK’s first nationwide School Pride Week from 20-24 June to celebrate diversity in education. UK School Pride Week will be the first opportunity for schools across the […]
  • Stop Forced Child Marriage

    Private schools move to accept more black students as pupils ‘living in wealthy cocoon’

    Written By: Javier Espinoza  7/3/16 Private schools must accept more black students as leading private school heads say their pupils are “living in a wealthy cocoon”. The headteachers of schools like Westminster and Rugby are increasingly bringing in more students from unprivileged backgrounds – including young black teens – as they address concerns of a […]
  • LGBT Handshake

    Why supporting LGBT staff is good for business

    Companies such as Accenture are at the forefront of LGBT-friendly workplaces. Ignoring openly gay employees means cutting yourself off from 20pc of the workforce, say advocates. What a difference a few decades make. Just 25 years after MI5 lifted its ban on gay employees, the organisation topped the Stonewall charity’s 2016 Workplace Equality Index, a […]

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