A head of diversity is the new must-have position at tech companies

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Written By: Biz Carson  28/8/15

The spotlight and the magnifying glass have been on tech companies’ dismal diversity numbers for the past year.

Hiring diverse candidates shouldn’t have to be a struggle. Yet, the latest numbers from companies like Facebook and Intel show that the needle is barely moving.

As a result, there’s a new position in fashion within tech company c-suites: say hello to the head of diversity.

Recently spotted job listings show tech companies are making diversity an executive level position.

Dropbox, whose diversity initiatives were panned last month in an International Business Times article, is looking for a new head of diversity. Autodesk is also on the hunt for a director of diversity and inclusion.

Airbnb is tackling the problem with the most unique job listing. It’s searching for a head of diversity and belonging.

“We are looking to find someone who is creative enough to help Airbnb become an authentically diverse and inclusive company and community by bringing our “Belong Anywhere” mission to life in our offices, on our platform, and beyond,” the job listing says. “In order to achieve these goals, we must be fearless and relentless.”

Larger tech companies like Facebook and Google already have diversity heads, but they’re also expanding their positions. Facebook’s looking for a diversity leader for its global diversity team, and Google is hiring a new diversity business partner.

“Diversity recruiting has gone from a nice thing to have to a must have,” said Porter Braswell, CEO and founder of minority recruitment startup Jopwell, during his Y Combinator demo day presentation.

Jopwell is one of the secret weapons companies like Facebook, Pinterest and Square use to bring diverse candidates into their workplace. A majority of the work is still making diversity an internal company priority, which is why companies are competing to attract executive-level employees to lead the charge.

Source: Business Insider UK



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