Can advertisers be persuaded to use more disabled models?

Disability LogoIn a new advert for disability charity Scope, model Jack Eyers strips down to his underpants, revealing not only his torso but also his prosthetic leg.

According to campaigning group Models of Diversity there are too few disabled models making it into the world of “perfect” bodies. “There aren’t really any disabled model role-models in the public eye,” says Eyers. “It’s just assumed this isn’t a path a disabled person would go down, whether they look good or not.”

Disabled models have been used in high-street campaigns in the past but Eyers says these models are often dropped after the initial publicity dies down.

BBC News went to meet Jack Eyers on a shoot and spoke to him and others involved in the Scope campaign about ambition, beauty and the world of advertising.

To watch a subtitled version of this video, click here

Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-28639372



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