Canberra Airport comes out in rainbows for equal marriage


In Tasmania, 1500 crammed into Hobart’s City Hall to show their support for marriage equality.

As 1000s of Tasmanians gathered in Hobart for a marriage equality rally, the state’s premier Will Hodgman confirmed his support for a free vote on the issue.

Canberra airport lit up with rainbow lights to support same-sex marriage on Sunday, as advocates on both sides of the debate put their case before the expected introduction of a bill to make it law.

Sydney and also had one of its largest pro-marriage equality protests ever on Sunday (scroll down for videos), and over 700 people marched through Perth on the same day.

Canberra airport is owned by the Snow family, and the managing director of the airport, Stephen Byron,said same-sex marriage had “personal significance” for the family.

It also coincided with parliament due to resume from the winter break and with the cross-party marriage equality bill expected to be lodged this week. “I think there are some strongly opposed to marriage equality and some strongly for”.

The legislation is being co-sponsored by Liberal MP Teresa Gambaro and two Labor MPs, Laurie Ferguson and Terri Butler as well as crossbench MPs Cathy McGowan, Adam Bandt and Andrew Wilkie.

While the success of the bill could depend on the timing of debate in the House of Representatives and its the outcome from the Coalition-controlled selection committee, the government could decide to bring on a vote any time.

Labor’s position on same-sex marriage is to allow members a conscience vote.

He says the airport’s first campaign was about sustainability and green buildings.

On the weekend, Foxtel copped backlash for airing Marriage Alliance’s “iceberg” TV commercial – which had been rejected by channels Seven and Ten. “It is for this reason that Canberra Airport is expressing its support for equality over the coming weeks”.

In a full-page ad in The Australian today, the Australian Marriage Forum claim that allowing gay people to raise children is “discrimination against the child” and will “destroy the primal love between mother and baby”, saying: “We know how much we have hurt children through past Government policies” and asking: “Which Prime Minister will have to apologise to the Motherless Generation?”

In Western Australia, rally-goers will meet at the Forrest Chase shopping centre to call on federal MPs to legalise gay marriage.

Already trending in Australia, #wecandothis is the latest campaign from Australia Marriage Equality.

Source: TV News Room



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