Councillor calls for more diversity on greetings cards


Written By: Ollie Cowan   30/7/15

A Sothport councillor is calling on retailers to start playing their cards right after noticing a considerable absence of multicultural greetings cards on sale.

Pat Keith, a councillor for Cambridge Ward in the resort, first noted the discrepancy when she set out to buy a second birthday card for her great-niece Isla Rose, who is mixed race, and was stunned by the lack of diversity on cards featuring pictures of children.

Now Councillor Keith is calling for retailers across Southport and beyond to stock cards which she hopes will have a ‘much wider racial and cultural choice.’

Otherwise she fears her great-niece will lose confidence when she grows up and sees images around her which don’t reflect her ethnicity.

Speaking to The Champion, Councillor Keith said: “It was Isla-Rose’s second birthday and the majority of the cards featured white, blonde blue-eyed girls dressed as princesses.

”I ended up buying her a card with a rabbit on the front.

“Right now Isla-Rose is striding about with all the confidence of a two year old – yet I have reservations about her retaining that confidence when she gets older and realises that the images she sees around her don’t reflect her ethnicity.

”When my niece married her husband Asante in Ireland she had no choice but to buy a white bride and groom figure for the wedding cake.

“She actually creosoted the groom figure to make it less white and more like her husband.

”Some people thought it was funny but I thought it was very poignant.“

Her colleague Councillor McGuire said: ”In an inclusive multicultural society it is barely believable that this situation exists. “It’s imperative that our society has a sense of unity but something like this can have only the opposite effect.”


Source: Chamption



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