Disabilities don’t stop this group from travelling the world, heading to D.C.


Written By: Sarah Plake  5/10/15

A group of Topekans is taking the trip of a lifetime to show that disabilities can’t stop anyone from learning about our nation’s history.

Monday morning, 13 NEWS captured the excitement as the folks with EquiVenture Farms, LLC hit the road for Washington D.C.

EquiVenture Farms is sponsoring the trip for this group. Adults with developmental disabilities will get to see all the major landmarks and monuments – and of course, have some fun.

“This is something everyday people can’t do,” Vice President of EquiVenture Farms Frankie Holloway said. “We’re just trying to help them live the fullest life they van and see things a lot of people don’t get to see.”

Patience Chapman benefits from EquiVenture and says they’ve all been talking about it for months.

“I’ve been going crazy from July until now!”

Chapman says she’s so excited to have fun, but the trip is more to her than that.

“I might get a lot of sense of pride being there to see the Capitol and everything, because it’s more of a historical value for me,” she said.

“It’s going to make them more cultured,” Holloway said. “Let them see more than just what’s around Topeka and their community here.”

Each year the organization plans a big trip, whether it’s to the east or west coast, for a group of adults they serve. Holloway says it’s a way for them to see the world that’s out there.

EquiVenture Farms not only plans this trip, but they provide daily support and services for developmentally disabled adults in Topeka. The organization provides a place for them to live, employs staff to help them with their needs, and organizes fun and social activities.

“In that word ‘disability’ is also the word ‘ability’ and they’re very able, and that’s what we’re promoting,” Holloway said.

The group comes home Saturday, October 10.

Source: WIBW.com



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