Diversity in the workplace

Team spirit in the workplace

Prospects is proud to be part of Mediaplanet UK’s Diversity and Equality campaign with the Independent, showcasing diversity in the workplace 02/12/2015

Head of higher education intelligence at Prospects, Charlie Ball, explains how graduate schemes are developing to not only create healthier more robust businesses, but also more inclusive workforces with different ideas and perspectives that make them attractive propositions for graduates.

Last year, 57% of all UK graduates were women – and a significant minority of all UK graduates (19.5%) came from minority ethnic backgrounds. Yet, some employers unconsciously have a bias towards recruiting white, male, middle-class graduates – which doesn’t represent the diversity of society.

That said, Charlie reveals, that savvy businesses – particularly well-resourced ones with well-developed graduate schemes – are working hard to improve the diversity of their workforce.

‘They are increasingly aware that if their workforce doesn’t look like their client base, then they have a problem,’ says Charlie. ‘In addition, especially since the recession, businesses are aware that they need to revitalise their creativity and innovation, and they want to bring in new ways of thinking. And if they only look at a narrow group of graduate applicants, then they are in danger of getting a narrow range of ideas.

‘Plus, ultimately, in a recovering graduate labour market, businesses know that if they only recruit white middle-class men then they are missing out on talented people who can contribute to their business. A healthy business has a diverse workforce.’

For more insight on diversity in the workplace, visit Business and Industry – Diversity and Inclusion

Source: Prospects



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