Kids show their love for ‘10,000 dresses boy’ and other gay songs

LGBT HandsSongs based on pro-LGBT books for kids are being trialed in UK city where Islamists have tried to seize control of schools

Homophobia and transphobia may be rife in schools but the youngest children are fighting back – through song.

And it’s happening in Birmingham, the UK city at the heart of allegations this year that Islamists have been using ‘Trojan Horse’ tactics to infiltrate and take control of schools.

A launch this week at Birmingham Children’s Library saw kids perform the songs, all set to some of the world’s best-loved gay and trans-friendly books for young children.

Julie Bremner, of Educate and Celebrate, the organization behind the project, said: ‘One of the most magical moments was when a group of primary school children sang a song to a book called 10,000 Dresses.

‘The book by Marcus Ewart is about a boy who dreams of dresses but is rejected by his family and friends when he tells them of his dreams.

‘The children sang a beautiful song written especially for the occasion and when asked would they chat to the “10,000 dresses boy” there was a resounding “yes” and that they would love him anyway.’

Singing about the book The Crocodile Who Doesn’t Like Water the kids sent another anti-bullying message: ‘Don’t mock that croc, just ‘cos he doesn’t like water!’

Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson from Anderton Park Primary School told people at the launch: ‘I was shocked to hear that a lovely story Tango Makes 3 about a family of penguins with two fathers has been banned in so many countries around the world.

‘This is not the world I want these children to grow up in so I am proud to be part of this project.’

And headteacher Jamie Barrie from Welford Primary, indicated the work being done by Educate and Celebrate was an antidote to the extremist threat.

‘The recent Trojan Horse inspections within schools have highlighted the importance of celebrating diversity and ensuring equality for all,’ he said.

Educate and Celebrate’s ‘Sing-a-long with CHIPS’; Challenging Homophobia in Primary Schools was coordinated by the Birmingham LGBT Advisor Elly Barnes, supported by Birmingham City Council and Service Birmingham.

The backing tracks, chord and lyric sheets will be available as a free download from Barnes’ website from September 2014 so educators worldwide can use them.




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