Margulies: ‘Golden age’ for women

Julianna MarguliesJulianna Margulies has said that it feels like the “golden age” for female television stars.

The 48-year-old actress made the comment as she received an Emmy for outstanding lead actress in a drama series for her portrayal of litigator Alicia Florrick in The Good Wife.

She was given her award by fellow screen star Viola Davis.

“Just having Viola Davis hand me an Emmy! She’s doing her own show. Tea Leoni is doing her own show – Robin Wright, Claire Danes, Kerry Washington,” she said.

“All these incredible actresses are being written as complicated interesting characters. And you just don’t see any of the characters we play on TV in film and if you do, it’s very few and far between. So I feel like this is the golden age of television but it’s also the time for women in television. I feel very grateful to be here.”

Julianna, who was formerly in medical drama ER, revealed she is amazed by Alicia’s arc throughout the years since the show began in 2009.

“I love where they are going with her. She’s getting a little tougher and she’s getting a drier sense of humour and able to take herself less seriously. But it’s a slippery slope so I love this constant dilemma she has,” she explained.

“She’s always wondering if she’s doing the right thing yet she’s so sure of herself. It’s a very fun role to play. I love how she’s evolved. I really do.”

The actress added: “She could use a little more love in her life eventually but it will probably be a while before you see her in the sack again is my guess.”

Source: https://uk.news.yahoo.com/margulies-golden-age-women-090250734.html#C95Z4w2



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