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LGBT in employment

In London twins Adrien & Pierre Gaubert have launched a site to promote diversity & inclusion in the workplace for our lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender community called myGwork. The concept is to help connect LGBT professionals with their dream jobs.

In previous employment both Adrien & Pierre suffered from homophobic attitudes & behavior in the workplace. While working for the Foreign Office in China, Adrien suffered from gossiping & stereotyping from his colleagues. Pierre on the other hand dealt with very rude sexual jokes from his managers while he was working for an American software vendor in Spain. myGwork’s impetus came with the passing of their mother.

Adrien stated, “My mum was always worried we could not get a good job because we were gay. myGwork was created to address this issue, to make sure we are all given an equal chance to succeed in the workplace”.

myGwork operates as a professional networking platform, allowing members to create their own profile & search for new job opportunities that welcome LGBT diversity on the site. myGwork also allows members to ask for advice through direct interaction with other members or simply share their experiences.

myGwork also set up a successful mentoring initiative system where graduates can seek advice from experienced professionals. myGwork started in the UK only a few months ago but has quickly attracted global interest as individuals, organizations & businesses have already signed up, especially in America & Canada.

For More Info: mygwork.com 

Source: Out Take http://blog.outtakeonline.com/2015/07/new-lgbt-diversity-jobs-site.html



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