Researchers Are Using iPhone’s App in Largest LGBT Health Study

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Written By: Sean Waters  26/06/15

According to BuzzFeed, scientists of University of California are carrying out the largest LGBT health study with the use of iPhone’s app. The research is about the most understudied population of the world, and will evaluate the health factors of LGBT community.

The researchers will carry out surveys among LGBT population, asking questions about factors like HIV/AID, cancer, obesity, smoking and depression.

Researchers are hoping that the PRIDE Study app and immense user base of iPhone will help greatly for discovering health issues in transgender and bisexual population, which are relatively less studied than gay and lesbian individuals.

Co-director of PRIDE Study and researcher at UCSF, Mitchell Lunn shared his views as: “The main question there is, what is the relationship between being LGBTQ or more broadly a sexual or gender minority person and mental & physical health?”

“It is a research project that has very few peers in terms of scope and in terms of number of people and length of time” said Hector Vargas, executive director of GLMA: Health Professionals Advancing LGBT Equality.

The app is released in June, just few days before the annual Pride parade at San Francisco. PRIDE Study app can be downloaded from App Store or by sending a text PRIDESTUDY to 74121. PRIDE Study is the newest health app built on Apple’s ResearchKit framework. Previous ResearchKit apps available to users are; apps for heart diseases, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, breast cancer and asthma.

Earlier the conventional way of health research was; finding patients for survey and then convincing them to visit the clinic several times. But now with PRIDE Study app, the individuals can take part in research from any place, as they just have to open up the PRIDE Study app.

Although, the study and app looks promising, ResearchKit is still unproved to be a medical research tool and it may have its limitations. The limitations can have a big impact on a research like PRIDE Study. Moreover, it’s also a challenge to verify the authenticity of responses and making the respondents coming back to the app.

Source: The Standard Daily



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