Scotland’s inequality gap still a major issue as new study reveals women are less likely to hold top jobs

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Written By: John Ferguson  21/1/16

Inequality is still a problem in Scotland and more must be done to tackle the issue, a study has revealed.

A report by the Equality and Human Rights Commission found that women are less likely to have a senior job position than men, despite more of them having a degree.

The study also found there has been an increase in domestic abuse , as well as more women suffering from poor health.

Alastair Pringle, EHRC’s Scotland director, said: “There has been a renewed cross-party commitment to gender equality in recent years.

“While the focus of that has been primarily on getting more women on to boards, our report shows that we need to take action from the classroom to the boardroom.

“Equality and human rights are at the heart of Scottish life and Scots are rightly proud of our inclusive society.

“Today’s report indicates that, for many people, society is getting fairer.

“However, for some – women, young people and disabled Scots in particular – there are concerning factors which will need action.

“Attitudes towards some groups have improved – for example, for Scotland’s lesbian, gay and bisexual communities.

“But stigma and negative attitudes persist towards people with mental health problems and travellers.

“Hate crimes related to race were the most commonly identified crimes recorded by the police .

“There has been good progress made, but there is work still to do.

“We all have a part to play in making Scotland fairer and the EHRC look forward to doing our bit.”

The report also revealed that ethnic minorities and the disabled were most likely to be living in poverty.

Source: Daily Recorder



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