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Issues of prejudice still within communities

Growing up as a female British Indian in a predominantly Caucasian British community, personally was a challenge for me, but these challenges are defi...

People still don’t see disabled men like me as dating material, says Undateables star

Written By: Jonathan Wells  21/1/16 On Monday evening, George Dowell became an instant and unlikely heartthrob. After an appearance on Channel 4 rea...

Scotland’s inequality gap still a major issue as new study reveals women are less likely to hold top jobs

Written By: John Ferguson  21/1/16 Inequality is still a problem in Scotland and more must be done to tackle the issue, a study has revealed. A repor...

Workplace gender equality ‘still 17 years away’

Written By: Jonathan Davis  13/1/16 Gender equality in the workplace is still 17 years away, according to Right Management, part of the ManpowerGrou...

Teachers can still be fired for discussing gay issues in the classroom

Written by: Joe Williams 7/1/16 The discussion of LGBT issues is still banned in a number of states across America. Although same-sex marriage might n...

Still more to be done for TV diversity, says Idris Elba

The Luther star said the industry is aware of the problems but is ‘moving in the right direction’ Idris Elba has said the UK is “moving in the r...

‘British Workplace Still Not Equal For Black Professionals’

Biggest survey into race in the labour market reveals black people are more likely to experience racism or bullying. Black employees are more ambitiou...

How many UK doctors still think gays can be ‘cured’?