On Monday we covered a special show on Ujima Radio to remember those who gave their lives for others.  Conflict has played a key role in the lives of Black and Asian people, from those rebelling against the transatlantic slave trade, the fight for independence over colonialism right up to West Indian servicemen and Gurkhas helping to protect Britain’s Empire in World War Two, with even nurse Mary Seacole who inventively treated soldiers in the Crimean War.

Ironically when Black American GIs were stationed in Britain during World War Two they adopted a Double V for Victory sign fighting fascism abroad and racism at home in America. American servicemen and women from the civil war onward have also used wars to assert their equality. This varies from Jamaican born Colin Powell becoming the highest ranking American soldier, to Muhammad Ali refusing to fight in the Vietnam War. Even Nelson Mandela took up arms against the repressive South African Apartheid regime.

Bristol campaigner Paul Stephenson served in the RAF and in tribute to all of these heroes I put together this baker’s dozen of a playlist from my show on Ujima Radio, which each week plays, recordswith a theme from back in the day. This week’s show was entitled ‘War and Peace’ ranging in complexity of waging just wars or fighting for peace across five decades of music this is Music of Black origin covering the different musical ranges we play on Ujima.

Playlist of Old Skool Cruising Show on Ujima Radio. Monday’s 4-6pm

by The G-Man, AKA Roger Griffith

Remembrance Day Music Special – War & Peace

  1. War – Edwin Starr. 1970
  2. We Gotta Have Peace – Curtis Mayfield. 1971
  3. Beat Dis – Bomb The Bass – 1988
  4. Talking About A Revolution – Tracy Chapman – 1988
  5. Dance Little Sister – Terrance Trent D’Arby (former American serving GI) – 1987
  6. Some Unholy War – Amy Winehouse – 2006
  7. Present Arms – UB40 – 1981
  8. War – Bob Marley – 1976
  9. Diamonds From Sierra Leone Remix – Kanye West ft Jay Z. (conflict diamonds) -2005
  10. Soweto – Joy Delayne – 2006
  11. Fight The Power – Isley Brothers – 1975
  12. Fight The Power Public Enemy 1989 & 1990
  13. Nobody Wins A War – Raheem DeVaughn ft Jill Scott, Bilal and more – 2010


Ujima Radio are the National Diversity Award Winners  @ujimaradio

Ujima’s Old Skool Cruising Show is every Monday 4-6pm – Listen again to Monday’s show here

Roger is the author of My American Odyssey: From the Windrush to the White House and Chair of Ujima Radio. Roger Griffith – Twitter rogerg44



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