Theses are the Top 10 most diverse colleges in America


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Expanding diversity on college campuses can only be seen as a step in the right direction. Universities should be a microcosm of the world we live in — and diverse people exist in our country and in our world. But, diversity on campus not only benefits minority communities. Diversity enhances the worldliness and understanding of all students, and it prepares them for future success in a global society.

U.S. News and World Report released a listing of the most diverse colleges in America. They based their rankings on a formula that produces a diversity index rating that ranges from 0 to 1 by measuring the probability that “any two people chosen at random from a given school are of different races or ethnic groups.” The closer a school’s number to 1, the more diverse their student population.

It is important to note that schools primarily made up of any one ethnic group (i.e. historically black colleges, like Howard University, or predominantly Hispanic institutions, like the University of Texas – El Paso) did not score highly using this methodology.

According to their formulas, these 10 schools have the greatest diversity on campus — are you surprised by any of the schools?

10: Nova Southeastern University, .71: Latino students constitute 32 percent of the population at the Florida-based institution.

9: University of Hawaii – Manoa, .72: The University of Hawaii-Manoa has a Hispanic population of just two percent, but their diverse student body consists of 36 percent Asian, 23 percent white, 17 percent native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander and 14 percent multiracial.

8: University of California – Los Angeles, .72: Hispanic students make up 19 percent of the student populatiln at UCLA.

7: University of San Francisco, .73: Nineteen percent of students at the University of San Francisco are Latino.

6. Stanford University, .73: Stanford University’s student body consists of 10 percent Hispanic students.

5. University of Nevada – Las Vegas, .74: Hispanic students comprise 23 percent of the student body.

4. University of Houston, .74: The University of Houston’s Hispanic students make up 27 percent of the population.

3. St. John’s University, .74: The Queens, New York-based institution has a Latino population of 16 percent.

2. Andrews University, .74: Sixteen percent of students at Andrews University in Michigan identify as Latino.

1. Rutgers University – Newark, .76: The New Jersey institution’s Hispanic studentscomprise 18 percent of the student body.

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