This LGBT charity auction proves one GayStation is worth 11 PS4s

JoypadThe Sony GayStation 4, a custom-painted rainbow PlayStation 4 auctioned by Swedish electronics retailer Webhallen for the Stockholm Pride Festival, was successfully sold for 28,300 Swedish kroner (around $4,118).

Comparatively, a typical PS4 console sells for $399 in North America, £349 in the U.K. and €399 in Europe.

The auction came to a close yesterday with 100 percent of proceeds set to be given to the RFSL Newcomers, a charity supporting LGBTQ refugees and migrants who have fled persecution based on sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

Webhallen begans its auction of the 500 GB PS4 — which included four games — late last month. The description on Webhallen’s auction page includes a comment on the company’s inclusive stance on video games: “On Webhallen, we are gamers in heart and mind, keen that as many as possible have the opportunity to feel welcome and enjoy the world’s largest and fastest growing interest: TV & computer games.”




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