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Written By: Kat Lister   10/7/14

An inspired group of American women – who are sick of seeing women being written out of history – have taken matters into their own hands and designed an app that aims to finally put women on the map.

‘Women on the Map’ has been designed by American gender equality collective, SPARK, and is set to get us asking a few similar questions about gender inequality here in the UK too.

This small group of young women noticed a huge gender disparity when it comes to recognising historical figures. For example, they say on their website: ‘In New York City there are 150 statues of people: 145 are men and 5 are of women’ and ‘only nine of the 100 statues in the US National Statuary Hall are of women.’

The statistics in the UK aren’t that much better. We found a 2012 BBC report that states that of the total 640 listed statues in the UK, only 15% are of women. Shocking, right?

With the help of Field Trip, a mapping app by Google, the SPARK Movement are doing something about it. So far, the collective have researched and written about over 100 women around the world, linking their achievements with a mapped IRL location. Once you download the app, your phone will buzz when you approach a place where a woman made history.

Famous (*often forgotten) women include Josephine Baker and the Paris concert hall where she shimmied her banana skirt in 1925 and the lesser-known Mary Anning in Lyme, here in the UK, a renowned fossilist who discovered fossils of a Plesiosaurus.

But the work isn’t finished yet, and the SPARK women are asking for your contributions to help them include as many amazing, era-defining women as possible.

So, what are you waiting for? To get involved, you can download the app free and start exploring here.

In the words of the SPARK women themselves: ‘It’s not that women don’t make history–it’s that we don’t honor them for it.’

It’s definitely time to change history.



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