Uruguay Celebrates Sexual Diversity with Rainbow Monument


The colored monument is part of a campaign that tells passersby “Montevideo recognizes, celebrates and respects diversity.” In the capital of Uruguay an emblematic monument of letters spelling out the city’s name Montevideo was baptized with the colors symbolic of sexual and gender diversity pride and celebration on Saturday.

The Municipality of Montevideo called on its citizens to join governor Daniel Martinez on Saturday morning to paint the letters of the monument–usually white–with the six colors that have come to be associated with representing pride for many lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex and asexual people. “These letters have become a symbol and a calling card of the city and that’s why we thought it is rather symbolic and significant that during this month they have these colors,” said Fabiana Goyeneche, Director of Social Development of the municipality.

The initiative hopes that both people from the city as well as tourists “see that it is a city that recognizes, respects, enjoys and promotes diversity,” Goyeneche added. Meanwhile, Andres Scagliola, responsible for the policies of sexual and gender diversity in the city, said that the current administration wants to “generate a series of significant signals” that it supports the rights of people of varied orientations and expressions. The institutional campaign “Montevideo recognizes, celebrates and respects diversity” includes a film festival, seminars on gender and sexual diversity, as well as a pride march.

The monument, located on the Rambla de Pocitos, consists of three-dimensional letters that together make up the name of the city. It attracts hundreds of tourists everyday for its panoramic view of the city and Rio de la Plata.

Source: Telesurtv



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