Film made by Leicester pupils about disabled toilet access features on national NHS website

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A video made by Leicester schoolchildren about access to disabled toilet facilities for young people has been released on a NHS website.

The short film, entitled ‘When you’ve got to go’, was created by pupils with physical disabilities at Ashfield Academy to raise awareness of the difficulties they face when they get a call of nature in a public place.

On the video, which can be seen on the ‘Health for teens’ website, shows students from the academy explaining how they feel if they can’t go out or have to leave somewhere early if there are no appropriate disabled toilet facilities.

Caroline Knight, speech and language therapist at Ashfield Academy, which is in the grounds of Leicester General Hospital, said the students were delighted with the film.

She said: “The students, who all use communication aids to support their communication, regularly work together with local musician, Dan Britton. “They wanted to tackle an issue that was important to them. “They initiated and were then fully involved with every step of the project.

“Their data collection from the YouTube clip shows that it is already reaching viewers around the world.”

Margaret Clarke, senior nurse and professional school nursing lead for LPT, said the video shows how creative young people can be.

She said: “People with physical disability may require extra space in the toilet to manoeuvre their wheelchair or they may have to be accompanied to the toilet.

“The film is a fantastic way to get really serious and important messages from young people out into the community. “We wanted to share the video on the Health for Teens website in the hope that as many people as possible get to see it.”

The Health for Teens website is a unique, comprehensive health resource for young people, with easy-to-access information on topics as diverse as exam stress, anger management, spots and alcohol.

It is the first NHS website that has been created especially to support teens with their mental and physical health and wellbeing.

For more information or to view the video visit…
Source: Leicester Mercury



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