HR News Update – The state of diversity in the creative industries

Diversity FiguresFurther to the open letter sent to broadcasters calling for action over diversity, Denise Keating, chief executive of the Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion (enei) said: “Positive BAME role models in aspirational positions serve to decrease the negative perceptions of BAME individuals in society.”

“The creative industries operate in a unique and powerful position to further workplace diversity and avoid traditional stereotypes, but have so far shown reluctance to position diverse characters as competent models of leadership. From the eternally white male “Dr Who”, with obligatory female assistant, to the gossiping “Loose Women”, the white male leadership stereotype is reinforced. Simply scrolling through the schedules of the main four channels demonstrates an absence of BAME representation in lead roles on British made shows.”

“Depicting BAME characters on our screens is not simply political correctness, but a necessary and much needed accurate representation of the UK today and positive action must be taken, either in the form of Government or business investment or by holding industries to account who fail to reflect the communities they serve. True representation must see BAME talent integrated into peak time programming to demonstrate clear commitment from the industry, in the same way that inclusive modern businesses have developed schemes to allow BAME employees to access every level of their business.”




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