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Written By: Chelcee Johns  4/8/15

More and more technology companies are making the push for diversity in their workforce and we are loving the news. Just last week, Pinterest announced plans to introduce various programming to recruit and train more minorities and this week Intel is making a similar move. The computer company is offering $4,000 to employees who make successful referrals of women and minority candidates.

The Santa Clara-based company’s offer doubles the current $2,000 bonus – hoping to bring in more qualified candidates.

“Intel is committed to increase the diversity of our workforce,” Intel spokeswoman Gail Dundas told The Huffington Post. “We are currently offering our employees an additional incentive to help us attract diverse qualified candidates in a competitive environment for talent.”

At the top of the year, Intel committed $300 million to focus on bringing more diversity to the company within the next five years. The goal is to attract more women and minorities while also giving engineering scholarships and helping historically black universities.

The company is making such an investment due to the bleak numbers of diversity it currently holds. While women make up 24 percent of the workforce, Black and Latino employees are only 3.5 percent and 8 percent of the entire workforce. Over half of Intel’s employees are white with a third being Asian.

Intel is among a growing list of Silicon Valley companies that are looking to attract minority employees. At Facebook, women only make up 15 percent and Google has a 17 percent women workforce. The main strategy for companies hoping to find diverse candidates is usually done by funding high schools and universities but not many have gone as far as Intel to publicly increasing recruiting bonuses.

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