Neomi Bennett


2016 Entrepreneur of Excellence Award

Neomi is a Registered Nurse and in her own time has created a life saving product called Neo-slip, which has developed into a highly successful business. Multi Award Winning Neo-slip(r) is a novel, innovative yet practical solution that aids application of hospital stockings. The stockings prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT); demand is high because currently 25,000 die each year in the UK of preventable DVT. The company now supplies 34 hospitals across the UK, is approved by NHS supply chain and is available on NHS prescription (FP10). In addition, Neo-slip is available in 3,000 independent pharmacies. Neomi recently won a scholarship from the Florence Nightingale foundation and is conducting research in hospitals; her work will be published later this year. This incredibly talented self-taught young lady is breaking barriers and leading the way in Nurse led Innovation.

We spoke with Neomi after she won the Entrepreneur of Excellence Award at The National Diversity Awards 2016. Check out what she said here…

img_0023What did you think of the other shortlisted nominees within your category?

I was honoured to be listed alongside an amazing group of nominees, and reading about their backgrounds and achievements gave me even more inspiration for my journey.
Although you were unable to attend the ceremony, what were your thoughts after winning the Entrepreneur of Excellence Award?

I was gutted I couldn’t attend due to being ill on the night after a trip to Kampala, but I’m so grateful to everyone involved. I just felt absolutely honoured that the judges chose me to receive that award. Absolutely thrilled and delighted to have been chosen to win this award.

I found out that I won the National Diversity Awards on the night because I started to receive congratulations via my social media accounts.

What was the inspiration behind Neo-Slip?

25,000 people are dying each year in the UK of preventable Deep Vein Thrombosis and the stockings are the simple solution. In my role as a nurse I wanted to improve the patient experience and also make it easier for nurses and care providers to apply the stockings.

Nursing people affected by Deep Vein Thrombosis prompted me to do something about the problem. Deep vein thrombosis (even after being detected and treated) can create long-term problems with veins. Many people need treatment for the rest of their lives. For me, it’s really important that we prevent because DVT is preventable.

Once people are aware and people know, it’s the first stage of making Deep Vein Thrombosis a disease of the past. Surgical stockings help prevent DVT but putting them on can be a real struggle. Neo-slip is a relatively simple aid which helps nurses and carers apply these stockings with minimal effort.

What impact do you think your work is having?

Well we’ve received lots of positive feedback from patients and nursing staff. Neo-slip is available on NHS prescriptions (FP10) so doctors are able to prescribe the product – we’ve carried out clinical audits and now working with NHS supply chain so we can make the product more widely available. At the very least it helps nurses and carers with their routines, but it indirectly may be saving lives as it help people to wear their stockings.

What are your next steps in terms of your work for diversity?

I think The Diversity Awards is a wonderful thing because people from diverse communities often face discrimination and we don’t really get recognised for the work we are doing in the mainstream sector. Being a black female nurse in a corporate world when I didn’t study business has been extremely challenging but to get an award is wonderful and I’m so grateful. It’s really helped with the business!

It’s really nice that there is a specific award that actually acknowledges enterprise. To receive recognition from a great organisation such as The National Diversity Awards is a real honour and gives me even more encouragement to demonstrate to the wider world that being a person of colour isn’t a barrier to success, even though the journey can be tough.

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