It may sound like a time consuming process, but making the effort to tailor your CV to suit the requirements of each particular job that you are applying for can greatly increase your chances of securing an interview.

It may sound time consuming but by tailoring certain aspects of your C.V. to suit the job your looking for can seriously increase your chance of success. The following are the key areas:

Preparing your CV

Your consultant needs an up to date resumé to help you find the most suitable temp job. Keeping your consultant up to date with new skills, systems knowledge and qualifications you may have gained is essential and your CV should reflect this.

If you are in the process of rejuvenating your CV, your consultant can help you to tailor the presentation and content of your CV to the temp market, focusing more on technical skills, flexibility, availability and your ability to fit in with the existing team. If you want to make a start on your own, try to do the following

Make sure your CV is not too ‘diverse

Even if you’ve been a soup cook on a Vietnamese trawler remember that the skills probably aren’t transferable. You want to list work experience that is relevant to the jobs you’re applying for. And if you can group similar placements under one heading, putting your best assignments first, all the better.

Emphasise your Temp credentials

Adaptable, flexible, quick to learn; temps must consistently exhibit a judicious mix of hard and soft skills. Showcase yours in a career summary at the top of your CV so that employers are sold on you from the outset.

Make your CV stand out from the crowd

Don’t just list your job skills, describe what you’ve achieved applying these skills in the workplace. List major accomplishments for each assignment, using the STAR technique as a template; describe the Situation, the Task required as a result, the Action you took and the Result of that action.

Personal Statement

You have read the requirements of the advertised position and understand what qualities the recruiter is looking for in a candidate. Sum up your unique selling points and, in a brief sentence, state your accomplishments and how these will help you succeed in the job you are applying for.

Employment History

If you are applying for a managerial position but have never previously worked as manager, emphasise that your previous roles involved considerable responsibility and decision-making duties such as delegation, chairing meetings, training staff, etc.

If a separate role is more of a sideways step, you may want to focus more on innovative ways you have achieved success in the role to show your competency. Make it clear that whatever it is they want, you’re able to fulfil their needs.


Presumably most of the roles you’re after will have a similar set of skills, but that doesn’t mean you should leave this section alone. Think how easy it would be for a recruiter to see that you’re suitable if the skills you demonstrate are in the same order that have on their job description.

Hobbies and Interests

Most job advertisements stipulate certain personality traits required for positions, so identify what they are and see how your hobbies can relate to the requirements.

If you are applying for a senior position, then the fact that you captained your football team and ran training sessions will demonstrate your leadership and organisational ability. If you are seeking a position as a designer, then make reference to the exhibitions that you attend or are actively involved in and the designers that you admire.

If you want to position yourself as one of the strongest candidates for the job, it is worth doing your homework on the company that you are applying to. Their job advert will provide you with a glimpse of what the company is like, but you can find valuable information on their corporate website that will help you to understand what they may be looking for in a job applicant. Try and make the way your CV comes across match their company ethos.

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