The Excellence in Diversity Awards 2015

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The National Diversity Awards proudly presents a new and exclusive awards ceremony that honours the outstanding work of inclusive employers and unsung diversity heroes across the UK.

The Excellence in Diversity Awards recognises the remarkable efforts of organisations nationwide that have reinforced their commitment to harnessing and strengthening a diverse workforce, embedding equality and inclusion within their value system.

The unique awards will commend organisations that embrace all aspects of diversity, not just one strand, reflecting how an organisation invests massively in each and every member of its workforce, achieving equality and diversity at its purest form.

The annual awards ceremony is designed to celebrate diversity in its true format,  showcasing individuals and organisations that have shown phenomenal dedication to equality within various sectors across the UK.

The awards recognise excellence in all areas of diversity including age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, race and religion, as well as highlighting inclusive employers and employees across housing, public, private, charity and education sectors.

With the increasing richness of diversity in Britain, the Excellence in Diversity Awards recognises the importance of rewarding  organisations that challenge discrimination and unite workforces to benefit from the growth of diverse employees, showcasing diversity runs throughout the very heart of what they do.

The unprecedented awards applaud the extraordinary contributions of employers that have gone above and beyond their corporate social responsibility, tackling issues internally and externally to influence change in the field of equality and diversity.

The Excellence in Diversity Awards also focus on leading diversity champions, significant role models and extraordinary employees that have displayed motivation, innovation and commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.

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