UK schools ban fasting in Ramadan

Muslim Women

The officials of four primary schools in London have banned Muslim children from fasting during the holy month of Ramadan.

The decision has sparked harsh criticism from Muslim communities who view the decision as a stark violation of freedom of religion. They also say the school has no business to interfere in the religious practices of families.

“The schools have taken a bad decision which has nothing to do with the children. They could handle it so much better. The main issue is the manner in which they have made the announcement. They have said we have decided that the children cannot fast. That’s not the correct way doing thing,” London-based member of Muslim Public Affairs Committee Reza Nadim told Press TV.

He went on noting that such decision will only alienate the children and their parents from society adding that the schools should reverse their decision soon to avoid the disastrous social consequences.

“I hope the schools could take a much more consultative approach towards issues like this as the current approach only creates more problems,” he noted.

He added this is part of a larger plan to put more pressures on Muslims saying more Muslim children and parents are targeted by the government. “Such decision will only damage the relations between Muslims and the UK society creating more problems as some Muslim feel being targeted. There are many other religions in the country whose followers are living on equal terms but Muslims don’t have the same feeling,” he said.

“Many Muslim feel that they are viewed as a second-class class and this division will get deeper gradually creating more problems for UK society,” he concluded.

Source: Press TV



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